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Flying Insects
If you see flying insects inside your house during the springtime, they are most likely subterranean termites. Call us for a free inspection to identify them. Termites are often look like flying ants.

Sacramento Pest Control Yellow Pages Arden Termite and Pest Control provides a complete line of services for termite inspections and pest control in the greater Sacramento area.
Alert: Bed bugs are infesting more and more apartments, hotels, motels and homes in the Sacramento area. If you or your tenants are finding strange insect bites or skin rashes, you may have bed bugs. Call us today to schedule an inspection and if needed, a discreet treatment. Your neighbors will never know!

This is termite swarm season. Winged termites can suddenly appear inside your home. You will often find them on window sills and near other light sources. While they look like flying ants, they are most likely termites here in the Sacramento area. Call us immediately to schedule a free inspection to be sure. Save a sample insect in a plastic baggie. Spray the rest with Raid or some other household pesticide. It won't kill the termite colony but it will slow them down until we can treat your home with Termidor, the most effective guaranteed termite treatment.

If you see mud tubes on your foundation or while remodeling or cleaning the garage, it means you have termites!

No matter how old your home is, where it's located, or how it's constructed, it is susceptible to being attacked by termites. Every year they cause billions of dollars of damage in the United States alone - damage that homeowners insurance won't cover. Chances are you will never see evidence of termites or termite damage until it's too late.

We offer a 20% discount off the written estimate of any other pest control company's bid or current contract for subterranean termite treatments.
We perform termite inspections, treatments and fumigations for the control of subterranean termites, drywood termites, wood boring beetles and other wood destroying pests.
We perform termite inspections and certifications for real estate transactions.
We service Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado and Yolo counties.
We are fully licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board.
All of our inspectors and applicators are licensed by the state of California and receive continuing education to stay informed of the latest pest control technology.
We recommend Termidor for subterranean termite control.
We recommend Vikane for fumigating houses for drywood termites.
We recommend Timbor as an alternative to fumigating houses.
We recommend other local Sacramento pest control companies for the control of ants, bees, carpet beetles, earwigs, fleas, mice, rats, roaches, silverfish, spiders and other household pests.

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Odorous house ants often nest outdoors under stones, logs, and in the nests of larger ants. They can also nest indoors in wall or floor voids, around heat sources, (e.g., hot water pipes and heaters, crevices around sinks and cabinets). Odorous house ants travel in trails and prefer sweets, although they eat almost any household food. They usually invade structures during rainy periods after honeydew on plants has washed off.

Control: Odorous house ants are very difficult to control. All cracks and gaps in exterior walls that provide access to voids or interior areas should be sealed. All debris from the exterior of the structure and other items on the ground where these ants nest should be removed.

Odorous house ants prefer sweets but are not easily controlled using sweetened baits. Baits should be placed where ant trails have been established or in locations where the ants have been sited. Unless using containerized baits indoors, baits should be placed so they are inaccessible to children and pets. Sweet baits are the most effective, but if acceptance is low, a protein bait should be considered.

The most effective control is accomplished by following ant trails, locating the nest, and treating them with a residual insecticide. Exterior nests should be drenched with a liquid formulation. Nests in wall voids are more easily treated by aerosol injection or application of a dust formulation. When the nests can not be located, a barrier spray should be applied to foundations and the soil immediately adjacent to the building. This is effective in repelling foraging workers and preventing them from reentering the structure.

Controlling aphids on ornamental plants and trees around structures removes their primary food source and causes them to forage elsewhere for food.

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